This problem is intended to track the impact of all incidents caused by Email attachment quantity or size, which impacts the performance of the instance.

Steps to Reproduce

There are three ways to get into an "excessive attachments" situation that degrades the instance performance.

  • Platform receives or generates a **single** email with a large attachment count
  • Platform receives or generates a **single** email with a reasonable attachment count, but combined attachment sizes result in a very large email.
  • Platform receives large volume of emails, and each email contains reasonable attachment count and combined size (e.g., every email into the system includes a 15mb attachment. As an individual email this is fine. If every email includes a 15mb attachment, this might be an issue.)


Limit the number of attachments per email and ensure that the total size of the attachments is well below 25MB.

Related Problem: PRB598544

Seen In

Berlin Patch 7
Calgary Patch 4
Calgary Patch 5
Calgary Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Dublin EA 8
Dublin Patch 1
Dublin Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Eureka Patch 2
Eureka Patch 5

Fixed In

Eureka Patch 4

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