There are some language translation issues where the some of the service catalog categories and their respective catalog item names are not being translated to the correct language.
This issue has previously been raised in PRB602272 with the fix being implemented in Eureka patch 2 and Fuji. It looks like the Patch 2 fix has only partially resolved the issue (more items are being translated but not all).

This has been reproduced in Eureka Patch 2. Please see [JAP_example.png].

Steps to Reproduce


The workaround involves a background script that Customer Support needs to do for the customer.


Note: Try the workaround on a sub-production instance before implementing on a production instance.



To fix the issue:


  1. Navigate to <instance-name>.service-now.com/sys_dictionary_list.do?sysparm_query=name%3Dsc_cat_item%5Eelement%3Dname%5ENQname%3Dsc_cat_item%5Eelement%3Dshort_description%5ENQname%3Dsc_category%5Eelement%3Dtitle%5ENQname%3Dsc_category%5Eelement%3Ddescription
  2. Four records should appear. Ensure that the Type column is showing.

  3. Change the Type on all four record to Translated Field. (They may all be currently Translate Text or a mixture of Translated Field and Translated Text.)
  4. Once they are all Translated Fields, navigate to background scripts and apply the following script: 

var tu = new TranslationUtils();

tu = new TranslationUtils();

tu = new TranslationUtils();

tu = new TranslationUtils();

This should sort out the translations as expected. You may need a cache flush before you see them all.

The fix is shipped in Eureka Patch 4, so you should only need to do this for Eureka builds up to Patch 3.

Related Problem: PRB603738

Seen In

Eureka Patch 2

Fixed In

Eureka Patch 4

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