Using special characters in an XML file 



The XML specification defines five predefined entities that represent special characters, and requires that all XML processors honor them. If these characters are used in a password, you will experience unexpected results. The most likely scenario to experience this conflict is when you set the password for a MID Server.

The following characters represent the five pre-defined entities:

  • "
  • &
  • '
  • <
  • >


XML and special characters

If you use the pre-defined entity characters in an XML file, such as the MID Server configuration file, you need to encode them.

To encode pre-defined entities into an XML document:

  • replace " with &quot;
  • replace & with &amp;
  • replace ' with &apos;
  • replace < with &lt;
  • replace > with &gt;

For example, to specify the password as test& in the MID Server config.xml file:

<parameter encrypt="true" name="mid.instance.password" value="test&amp;"/>

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