When you choose to Filter Out or Show Matching on dot-walking fields for Local Changes (on the Team Dashboard) or On Local But Not On Remote Changes (in the related lists of an Instance Comparison), the Record name field, which is the left-most field and has the link to the record, blanks out. At the same time, NPE warnings appear in the console log.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Create a valid Remote Instance.
2. Make it your parent.
3. If there are no differences between the instances, create one.
4. In the local changes list, right-click on the value for Update Set on the first row and choose Show Matching.

Expected result: The list is filtered to show matching records. All columns continue to render. No warnings appear on the console.
Actual result: The list is filtered to show matching records. The Record name column does not show any values. Warnings (one per row) appear on the console.


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Related Problem: PRB589895

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