Dublin: Undesirable duplication entries in the activity log 

After upgrading to Dublin, some tasks have duplicate or undesired entries in the Activities (filtered) field.



If the workflow is set to Run after bus. rules run, then the workflow runs after all the business rules have completed and after the first update is complete. Instead of grouping workflow changes so user changes appear in one update, the changes appear as two separate updates.

  1. View the affected workflow in the Workflow Editor.

  2. Click the cog wheel icon at the top of the editor, and select Properties.

  3. Clear the Run after bus. rules run check box.

  4. Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Publish the workflow and promote the changes up through environments to production.
Note: If using Approval Activities to generate approvals, make sure to select the Run after bus. rules run workflow property. Otherwise, the business rules that handle non-workflow approvals conflict with the workflow. For more information, see Approval and Rollback Activities.


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Last Updated:2017-01-23 17:46:30