ODBC Troubleshooting Checklist 


Before you begin following the steps in the ODBC troubleshooting path, review  this checklist to make sure none of these items are present with your issue. If these issues do not apply to you, follow the troubleshooting path here.



1. Is your operating system Windows 10? 
The ServiceNow ODBC driver is compatible only with the Windows operating system and does not work with any other operating system such as Linux, UNIX,  or MacOS. Windows 10 is supported starting with the ODBC driver version 1.0.13.

2. Is your operating system Windows 2012? 
Windows 2012 is supported starting with the ODBC driver version 1.0.9.

3. Does the user who will be connecting to ServiceNow database have a SOAP role or the ODBC role assigned?
If the instance has glide.soap.strict_security=true, the user must have an appropriate SOAP role, or the ODBC role starting with Helsinki. For the list of roles, see Base System Roles in the product documentation.

4. Does the user who will be querying a particular table have privileges to access it?
Check the table’s ACL. For more information, see Using Access Control Rules in the product documentation.

5. Does your user name and/or password contain special characters?
In this case, customconnect should be used instead of connect:

customconnect "DSN=<System DSN>;UID=<username>;PWD=<password>"

6. Do you access the instance via proxy?
If yes, configure the ODBC proxy settings using these instructions.

7. Are you trying to configure Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to work with ODBC?
Make sure that you are using the 32-bit version of the ODBC driver regardless of the OS bitness.

8. Are you using an Active Directory (AD) account to connect to the instance with the ODBC driver?
When using the ODBC driver, connect with a user record defined on the instance instead of an Active Directory account.

9. Do users connect to the instance using Single Sign-on?
When using the ODBC driver, connect with a user record defined on the instance instead of an SSO account.

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