Viewing Knowledge Base articles 


The HI Knowledge Base contains valuable information about ServiceNow products, including overviews, processes, and known errors.

Users with a HI account that are logged in have access to Knowledge Base articles based on their assigned role within HI. Users without HI accounts can view public Knowledge Base articles that are accessible through general search engines, such as Google. 

Viewing Knowledge Base articles

Use the navigation options or search box in the HI Knowledge Base to find articles about a specific topic. Users that are logged in to HI see more articles than non-authenticated users.  

  1. Open HI at https://hi.service-now.com
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Enterprise customers, click Support, enter text in the What can we help you with? text box, use the Search In drop-down menu to select Knowledge Articles, and click Search

    • Express and ServiceWatch customers, click Support > Knowledge. Navigate through the topics to find information. For example, click Application Administration Solutions to read articles about configuring and managing your instance. 

      Or use the Search box to find information. Type in words or phrases and click the search icon .

  3. Click an article name to view the article.

    • At the top of the article, breadcrumbs show the article topic and category.

    • Also at the top, the article number, date published, and date last modified are listed.

Obtaining a direct link to Knowledge Base articles

You can obtain a direct link (also known as a permalink) for any knowledge base article. After copying the URL to your clipboard, paste the URL into another location. For example, a document, a chat window, or an email message. Both logged in and non-logged in users can obtain article permalinks.

  1. Open HI at https://hi.service-now.com
  2. Navigate or use search to find and open an article.
  3. At the top of the article, right-click on the article Number and select the browser option for copying the link. For example, in Chrome the option is named Copy Link Address.


Opening attachments on Knowledge Base articles

Some Knowledge Base articles contain attachments such as text files, diagrams, or images. Attachments usually provide supplemental information related to the article. Both public and logged in users can access attachments.
  1. Open HI at https://hi.service-now.com
  2. Navigate or use search to find and open an article.
  3. Click the attachment name.

    The attachment is downloaded to your computer.

Providing feedback about Knowledge Base articles

The feedback area at the bottom of Knowledge Base articles contains options for rating and providing comments about the article. To provide feedback on an article, you must have a HI account and log in to HI. 
  1. If you are a public user, click the Login button in the upper right corner of the article you are viewing, and enter your information.
  2. If you are already logged in, you can view the feedback section at the bottom of the article you are viewing.
  3. Once you have located the feedback area at the bottom of the article, do any of the following:

    • In Was this article useful, select Yes or No.
    • In Your rating, click the stars to provide a rating. For example, click all five stars to indicate that an article is very useful. 
    • Select the Flag article for review option to indicate that the article should be reviewed for accuracy and completeness.
    • In Comment on this article, type any information you would like to tell the author of the article.
    • In User Comments, read comments provided by others.

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