System Clone support for Oracle customers  


The System Clone application is now available for customers who use an Oracle database and want to perform a standard clone using default options.

If you need to perform a special clone for an Oracle database that includes or excludes data from specific tables, or is a sub-prod to sub-prod clone, submit an incident to ServiceNow as described below.

Scheduling a clone for an Oracle database using Default Options

To initiate or schedule a system clone for instance that use an Oracle database:

  1. Login to the source instance as the Administrator and navigate to System Clone > Request Clone.
  2. Select a Target instance to receive the cloned data.
  3. If a Clone From drop-down box exists in your instance select Source Instance.
  4. Important: Leave all Clone Options checked.
  5. Schedule a Date and Time to perform the clone.

    • You cannot schedule multiple clones concurrently to the same target instance.
    • Canceling a clone is possible before the time that appears in the Date and Time field.
    • A clone must be scheduled a minimum of 4 hours in advance. This ensures that the backup transfer from source to target completes by the start time. Backup transfer times vary depending on the source and target datacenter location and the size of the backup file. Cross datacenter transfers may take longer than four hours. In this case, the automation will wait until the backup is transfer completes before starting the clone.
  1. Enter an email address to receive notification when a clone completes, is canceled or reports an error. Any users entered in this field along with the Primary and Secondary support contact will receive notifications. For more information about designating support contacts, see Notifications on HI in the Hi Knowledge Base.
  2. Click Submit
  3. In the authentication window that appears, enter the Username and Password for an Administratrator.
  4. Review the clone settings and click OK.
Requesting a clone for an Oracle database that includes or excludes data from specific tables
  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Get Help

  3. Click Create Incident

  4. Select Question or Request

  5. In Category, select Clone Issues

    For more information about the fields, see the Submitting an Incident section in the Customer Support page.

  6. Click Submit

The incident is sent to the ServiceNow customer support team who opens a change request with the DBA team.

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