ServiceNow has created an automated workflow to support the instance reset (zBoot) process for a non-production instances. Customers request to zBoot a non-production instance via a Service Catalog item to create a Change, which is completed using end-to-end automation.

Users with the customer_admin or partner_admin role can request the reset (zBoot) of a non-production instance, instead of contacting ServiceNow Technical Support. A zBoot deletes all data on an instance and restores the instance to base system (out-of-box) settings.

The procedure in this article does not apply to zBoot requests for production instances. To request a zBoot of a production instance, Submit a case with Technical Support.

Warning: Do not request a zBoot until you are ready for the process to begin at the designated start time. The zBoot resets the instance to base system (out of box) settings, losing all current customizations and all current data.

You can request the zBoot an Instance service catalog by following below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Now Support (HI)
  2. Browse to the Service Catalog
  3. Under Instance Management, select zBoot an Instance
    You can also access this catalog via Now Support app (Download Now Support App for Android | iOS)

  4. Choose the instance which need to be zBooted
  5. Select the Maintenance start time (When the instance can be zBooted)
  6. If demo data has to be installed on the zBooted instance, click on 'Reinstall Demo Data after zBoot'
  7. Click on submit button
  8. A confirmation message will appear
  9. A new change request is created for the zBoot request and the request is displayed automatically. The Planned end date is automatically calculated based on the Planned start date plus 5 hours, which is approximately how long the zBoot process takes.

    As needed, add people to the Watch list and any Additional comments as necessary and click on Update.
  10. Instance zBoot operation will start at the specified date and time mentioned in the change
  11. You can track progress of zBoot operation via the change created
  12. If you wish to reschedule or cancel the zBoot, simply select the respective button

Requesting a zBoot for a Technology Partner Program Developer Instance

  1. The same service catalog item can also be used by developers within the Technical Partner Program. These instances can be distinguished by the naming convention:

    SNC Instance – venXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. If a developer instance is selected, the automated zboot begins, but the assignment group the change is associated to is set to be "Technology Partner Program"
  3. If the change fails, the change category is adjusted, but the assignment group remains the "Technology Partner Program" group for investigation/intervention.

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