Determining if the LDAP source is missing or misconfigured 


A single user is unable to log in.


  • A single user is unable to log in.
  • Other users are able to log in, with the exception of a single user.



Each user record has a Source field that contains the distinguished name (DN) associated with the user. When LDAP authentication is enabled, the instance uses that field when the user attempts to log in. If this field is blank or contains incorrect information, it prevents the user from logging in.

  • Review the affected user record.
  • If the Source field is not empty, verify with the LDAP administrator that the DN of the affected user is correct, and update if necessary.
  • If the Source field is empty, verify that the user record is not a local account, which requires both the Source and LDAP Server field to be left blank.
  • If the Source field is empty and LDAP server field is populated, update the Source field with the correct DN.


Note: Review the Transform Map of the associated data source and the LDAP server to confirm that the Source field is set correctly.


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