Editing a Related List can run very slow or not at all in Dublin. This can happen when an ITIL or Self-service user tries to edit a Related List that contains a large number of records to which they do not have write ACL privileges. The reason this happens is that the system has to slowly look through each record in the table to see if the user can write to it.

Ran into this in the wild when a customer had 600,000+ incidents in the system and ITIL users were trying to look at a Related List of incidents. The AJAX transaction calls M2MList but no HTTP response ever comes back. I can see in the log that it is querying 100 incidents at a time and then blocking each of them, one-at-a-time when evaluating for write ACL access. Then it queries another 100 incidents and blocks those too. After a few minutes the transaction times out.

I was successfully able to reproduce this out-of-box.

This happens only in Dublin and later because of the addition of the isBucketFull check in M2MList.

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To avoid this issue, before clicking "edit" on an affected related list, a user can build a filter that will exclude all records to which they do not have write access.

For example, in the base system there is an ACL that restricts ITIL users from writing to Incidents whose Incident State field is Closed. This can cause the slushbucket for related lists on the incident table to load very slowly. To avoid this slowness, create and run the following filter on the affected related list:

Related Problem: PRB601643

Seen In

Dublin EA 8
Dublin Patch 1
Dublin Patch 1 Hot Fix 1

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