Determining if the wrong LDAP server is configured 


A single user is unable to log in.



  • A single user is unable to log in.
  • Other users are able to access the instance, with the exception of the affected user.


If the instance has multiple LDAP servers configured, the user accounts should be associated to the correct LDAP server. If the value of the LDAP Server field has changed or cleared, the instance is not able to authenticate the user correctly.


  1. Review the affected user record.
  2. If the LDAP Server field is not displayed, right-click the header, and go to Personalize > Form Layout and add the LDAP Server field.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Select the correct LDAP server for the user.


Note: It may be necessary to review the associated Transform Map to ensure that the line of code is in the Script field of the LDAP server:

target.ldap_server = source.sys_import_set.data_source.ldap_target.server;



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