Determining if a user is marked as inactive or locked 

An single user is unable access the instance.


  • A single user is unable to access the instance.
  • Other users are able to access the instance successfully, but a single user is unable to log in.
  • The user's account may be set to either Locked-out and/or Inactive.
  • A duplicate account may exist for the same user who is set to Locked-out and/or Inactive.

  1. View the affected user record to see if the Locked out checkbox is checked and if the Active checkbox is unchecked.
  2. Uncheck the Locked Out checkbox or check the Active checkbox, depending on the cause.

Note: Verify with the LDAP administrator that the affected user's account is not set to Inactive on the LDAP server.


Note: If there is a duplicate user record that is inactive or locked out, delete the duplicate record, or change the email address of the duplicate user.

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