Determining if the main and failover LDAP servers are running 

Users are able to access the instance, but it takes longer than expected.


  • User authentication is delayed.
  • There is an unexpected behavior when attempting to log in.

If the instance is configured with multiple IPs during LDAP server configuration, there may be an issue when one of the servers is not accessible.

See Specify Redundant LDAP Servers for information on redundant LDAP servers.

  • Verify with the LDAP administrator that the configured LDAP servers are available.
  • Update the LDAP server configuration to list only one IP in the Server URL field, noting how long it takes for the user(s) to be authenticated.
  • If IPs are listed in the Server URL, try using the FQDN instead.
  • Contact the network administrator to verify that the VPN and/or firewalls are configured correctly.

If the suggestions above did not resolve the issue, create an incident (INT) ticket, and include this information:

  • The network administrator contact information
  • The result of nslookup /  host of the affected instance from the LDAP server(s)
  • The result of ping / traceroute from LDAP servers to the instance URL, noting the start and endpoint IPs.
  • The result of packet captures that can be opened in Wireshark, noting the start and endpoint IPs, and the time frames when the user authentication was requested. 

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