Buttons in the "Catalog Cart" content block in an ESS Site page do not work, preventing ordering of items from the ESS Portal.

The error seen in the browser javascript log (in Chrome) is related to a function defined in the catalog_cart_default UI Macro:
Uncaught ReferenceError: alertPriceUpdate is not defined


Possible Ways to Describe the Issue:
  • Users are not able to place an order by clicking on the 'add to cart' and 'order now' buttons in ess portal
  • Add to cart and Order buttons are not working in dublin
  • Not able to create catalogue items from our Partner Portal (Employee Self Service portal) in Dublin release
  • Order Now button does not work
  • Out of Box "Catalog Cart" does not work.
  • Catalog doesn't work properly in the ESS portal on Dublin version
  • Order Now on CMS Site generates script error on Line 29
  • Add to cart and Order buttons are not working in dublin

Steps to Reproduce

No steps to reproduce available at this time.


This problem has been fixed in Eureka Patch 2.

The following steps change the site to use the working internal cart functionality:

  1. On the Site form, clear the Use external cart option.
  2. Remove the Catalog Cart content block from the pages.

Related Problem: PRB601311

Seen In

Dublin EA 8
Dublin Patch 1
Dublin Patch 1 Hot Fix 1

Fixed In

Eureka Patch 2

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