Obtaining IP and datacenter information 


Customer administrators can obtain IP and datacenter information about the instances they manage at any time.


Video - My IP Information

Viewing IP and datacenter information HI Service Portal
  1. Navigate to hi.service-now.com.
  2. Click Manage Instances.
  3. Hover over an instance name.

    IP and datacenter information in Enterprise customer view of Customer Self-Self Portal

    IP and datacenter information for the instance is listed:
    • Location: Geographic location of the datacenter where the IP address resides
    • VPN Peer: Outside address of our VPN device used for customers with VPN tunnels
    • Instance: ServiceNow's source address range for your instance (if traffic to the Internet is filtered
 on your firewalls, then you will need to allow connections to the address range)
    • Failover Order: Specifies if the VPN Peer is from a primary or standby datacenter

  4. For more indepth descriptions of the IP info, navigate to Service Catalog > Instance Management > My IP Information.

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