Customer administrators can obtain IP and datacenter information about the instances they manage at any time.

Video my IP Information

Viewing IP and datacenter information Now Support (HI)

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Service Catalog
  3. Search for Instance Management
  4. Click on My IP Information

    IP and datacenter information in Enterprise customer view of Customer Self-Self Portal

    IP and datacenter information for the instance is listed:
    • Location: Geographic location of the datacenter where the IP address resides
    • VPN Peer: Outside address of our VPN device used for customers with VPN tunnels
    • Instance: ServiceNow's source address range for your instance (if traffic to the Internet is filtered
 on your firewalls, then you will need to allow connections to the address range)
    • Failover Order: Specifies if the VPN Peer is from a primary or standby datacenter

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