The sys_trigger record "/sys_trigger.do?sys_id=8a7dd42e0a0a0b4c00a59eb70235b4b6" is not updated as expected. It only appears to occur with customers who started out on build dates prior to 2010-12-20 (commit hash: 680514b070cee1701131aad4a76d9afc1bcc6d04), but have since upgraded.

The "fcScriptName" value in the Job Context field of this Schedule Item record originally is:

fcScriptName=On-Call Reminders

Then the fcScriptName value was updated to currently read:

fcScriptName=javascript\:new OnCallRemindersNG().go();

The update to this script include was tracked on 2010-12-20 and PRB559389 was mentioned in the commit message.

Steps to Reproduce


Note: Running this creates rota.on_call.reminder events. Ensure you have the customer's approval or that no active email notifications are configured against this event.

  1. Navigate to /sys_trigger_list.do and search for the record with a sys_id of 8a7dd42e0a0a0b4c00a59eb70235b4b6.
  2. Open the record.
  3. Verify that the job_context field has an fcScriptName variable declaration that looks like: fcScriptName=On-Call Reminders.
  4. Click Execute Now (as maintenance) or update the value in the Next Action field to some date in the past, and then update the record.
  5. Navigate to /sysevent_list.do?sysparm_query=name=rota.on_call.reminder and confirm that no new event records with this name were created.
  6. Open Scripts - Background.
  7. Run the one-line script new OnCallRemindersNG().go(); and check the results.

If properly configured (the Send on-call reminders flag is marked true in various Rota records, etc.), you should see a result return that looks similar to the following:

*** Script [OnCallRemindersNG]: On-Call Reminders sent for 2013-11-26 06:03:53, finished. 9 reminder events generated.


This issue has been fixed in Eureka. However, there is a short-term solution available for pre-Eureka releases:

  1. In your Type filter text box enter sys_trigger.listThis will open up your scheduled job table. 
  2. In that list view, filter for name CONTAINS Reminder
  3. You should see a record called On-Call RemindersOpen that record.
  4. In the Job Context field you will see: fcScriptName=On-Call Reminders 
  5. Modify it so that it says: fcScriptName=javascript\:new OnCallRemindersNG().go(); 






Related Problem: PRB592400

Seen In

Aspen Patch 2 Hot Fix 5
Aspen Patch 3
Berlin Patch 1
Calgary Patch 1
Eureka Patch 6
Eureka Patch 8

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