The yellow light bulb icon for the suggestion functionality does not show up on journal fields. The suggestion icon should appear next to the Additional Comments field label. 

On string fields, such as Short description, it shows normally as expected. It is also working as expected on the tablet UI, but not on the browser UI. 

This problem was fixed in Eureka.


In Dublin, the link (<a> tag) for the Suggestion popup is generated without an icon. The icon can be added through a client script:

var suggestionLink = $('lookup.incident.comments');
suggestionLink.insert('<img title="Suggestion" height="16" src="images/pick_list.gifx" border="0" width="16">');

If the type-ahead auto-completer is enabled, typing the first letter of the suggestion choice value in the journal field displays all the matching suggestions.

Related Problem: PRB595415

Seen In

Dublin EA 7
Dublin EA 8
Dublin Patch 3
Dublin Patch 4

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