Determining if another process is running at the same time as the import


Various scheduled imports take a long time to complete and/or instance performance is lower during those scheduled imports.


  • Degradation in performance of the import and the instance

  • Imports run slowly


This occurs when importing large amounts of data puts an additional load on the database. For example, importing 500,000 users and importing 200,000 configuration items at the same time puts an additional load on the database. This can have a significant performance impact on all queries on the system due to the increased load on the database. This issue is especially severe when two imports are importing to the same table. In such a case, there is a possible contention issue for the table. Additionally, depending on which table is involved in processing, this can severely degrade performance of the import and the instance.


Stagger your imports so they do not overlap.

To accomplish this:

  1. Go to System Import Sets > Administration > Scheduled Imports.
  2. Review each of the listed imports noting when each of them is scheduled to run.
  3. If you discover that two or more imports are running at the same time, update the Time value of one or more imports to run at later time. 

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