Determining if a workflow is invalid (post-Calgary only)


Symptoms may include the following:
  • Cannot publish workflow
  • Publishing workflow takes too long
  • Cannot start workflow
  • Workflow does not start
  • Workflow does not trigger
  • Invalid workflow 
  • Invalid transition


Invalid workflows in Calgary and later versions

Calgary and later releases have a workflow validator that runs a number of validity checks before a workflow is run. If any critical errors are detected, the workflow does not run and error messages are attached to the workflow context.

Validators are also run during the workflow publish operation. Fatal errors prevent the workflow from publishing and alert the author to the nature of the errors using a dialog box in the Graphical Workflow Editor.

Detecting a validation failure

A workflow that fails validation creates a context, places the context in a state of Error, and adds several error messages to the Workflow Log related list. The errors have a source of VALIDATOR. For each validator that failed in the Workflow Log, there is a summary report and a detail record.

For more information, load the offending workflow into the Graphical Workflow Editor and click the Validator button (a white checkmark in a green square). The validation report gives the status of each validator. The product documentation contains specific and detailed information for each validator failure. For more information, see Workflow Validation in the ServiceNow product documentation.  

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