Troubleshooting Export – Determine if the configured maximum rows to export is too low



This issue is related to exporting data from the instance while obtaining only a subset of the data from the expected results.


  • Not all data is exported
  • Records are missing from export



The setting for the maximum rows to export for the file type (CSV, XML, Excel, or PDF) is too low.

For Excel, another cause can be the setting for the maximum number of cells to export is too low. For more information, see Excel Export Threshhold.



To solve the issue, set the limit property for the file type to a higher value.

For example, by default, the limit for CSV export is 10,000 records. If you need to export 15,000 records, you can set (or add if not exists) the glide.csv.export.limit system property to change the limit to 15,000.

For more information about export limits and how to override them, see Export Limits

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:37:11