Troubleshooting Export – Determine if there are too many records in the export set



  • Export takes too long
  • Data set is too large



This issue is related to exporting data from the instance. The data set you are trying to export is too large to export in a single transaction. The export process can be a lot slower than the process of displaying the data on the screen. In export, all records are written out, but on the screen only a single page of data is shown at a time.



Note: Exporting to PDF usually takes much longer than exporting to XML, CSV, or Excel because PDF includes additional formatting, pagination, and layouts components.





To solve the issue, try one or more from the following list:

  • Add more filters to decrease the number of records in the results.
  • Avoid using fields that have no index for filtering and sorting.
  • Export to a different format. Try a more compact format, such as CSV.
  • Break up the export. See Break Up a Large Export.

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