Determining if the workflow version is inactive 


Symptoms may include the following:
  • Workflow did not run when expected
  • Workflow did not run on a specific record
  • Cannot publish workflow
  • Publishing workflow takes too long
  • Cannot modify checked out workflow
  • Cannot start workflow
  • Workflow does not trigger
  • Stalled workflow 


Finding the workflow version
Navigate to the Workflow Versions list view and open the workflow version to check.

To check via XML

While in the form view within the Workflow Version record, right-click on the menu and click Show XML. You can check the <active>tag to verify if it is true or false.


To check via the workflow editor 

Click Show Workflow in the related links inside the workflow version record.

Click on the gear to check if the Set Active or Set Inactive option is there. Then you can determine the current active state of the workflow version.


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