Determining if a business rule is running on top of the transform map 



Records are not being created or updated in a timely manner on the instance.


  • Associated transform takes longer than expected
  • Overall performance on the instance is lower when the import occurs


Various business rules are being run when the import is performed.


For large imports (10,000 to 100,000), it is advised to disable business rules. To do this: 
  • Locate the particular data source that appears to be causing the issue.
  • In the Transforms section, click the desired link to view the associated Transform Map.
  • Within the Transform Map record, locate the Run Business rules property and clear the associated checkbox.


Note: Consider using an onComplete transform script to run business logic, such as calculations, at the end of an import rather than on each record the way business rules do.


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Last Updated:2017-03-09 21:21:34