Improved HI User Interface: Tips and Tricks 


Along with the new features in HI comes some helpful new functions to enhance your experience. We have put together some useful tips and tricks to share with you.



Tab navigation

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to open several tabs at once within HI when using the split-screen feature. With this functionality, users can open multiple forms at once. This can be particularly helpful when users want to view a full list of records in the left screen and open multiple forms on the right, and go back and forth referencing the two.



Search filtering on favorites

In addition to being able mark items in the navigation application as favorites, you can also filter your favorites in the search box at the top of the navigation pane. This way, you can quickly isolate your favorite items in the left menu.



The Edge and access to bookmarks

Not only does the Edge provide quick access to several common functions in the UI, it also provides easy access to your bookmarks. This is yet another way that you can customize your experience in the new UI and effortlessly get to the information that you, specifically, need.



Assign images to bookmarks

Another fun design feature is the ability to assign images and colors to bookmarks. This can come in handy for sorting, organizing, or prioritizing your bookmarks. 




Preview tagged items

Finally, tagging items has never been easier in the new UI. You now have the ability to create tags on forms and use these tags to categorize different documents in a ServiceNow instance. In addition to this, you can preview your tagged items by pointing to the tagged item, which will then expand to a full preview.  



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Last Updated:2016-03-15 09:11:16