Troubleshooting Import – Missing data as a result of LDAP large attribute data



This issue is related to missing data when loading data from LDAP. When browsing the LDAP OU entries from the platform, you get the complete data, but when importing the data, not all records are imported.



  • Import says complete, but not all data present
  • User cannot log in through LDAP
  • Data discrepancy after import

The LDAP data set includes some records that might contain very large values for some of the attributes. When you browse the entries from the UI, you only query for the attributes cn and ou. However, when you import, you query for the list of attributes that are defined in the LDAP configuration. If the value is empty, you query for all attributes on the server that cause us to retrieve only a subset of the data.



To solve the issue, you can limit the number of attributes to only the ones you really need and avoid pulling unnecessary data:

  1. Navigate to System LDAP > LDAP Server.
  2. Click on the LDAP server that you need to update.
  3. Personalize the form to add the Attributes field.
  4. Set the Attributes field to only include the attributes you need and avoid unnecessary data.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Try to import again.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:32:14