Improved HI User Interface

Welcome to the new look and feel of HI

You will notice a few new user interface changes in HI since our latest upgrade. To give you a sense of what is different and improved, we have outlined notable changes, including the following:

Application Navigator 
  • The application navigator now has a menu next to the Type filter text field. This replaces the Decrease font size, Increase font size, Refresh, and Collapse/Expand all applications buttons.

  • The ability to mark items as favorites. There are stars next to each module that you can select to mark your favorites.


  • Filter on Favorites. There is now a star to the left of the Type filter text search box that you can select to filter your favorites.

The Edge
  • There is also a new look to Edge on the left side of HI and helpful new functions.


  • The new functions as part of Edge are:

Toggle Navigator This option allows you to quickly switch to a different view in HI.
List and Form View This button allows you to quickly view your lists and forms.
Tagged Documents This button reveals different records that you have tagged.
All Bookmarks Displays bookmarks. Bookmarks now have new icons and colors.
Live Feed Click the list activity stream icon to display live stream information for all records currently displayed on a list.

Additional Features
  • Tagging documents: Create tags on forms and use the tags to categorize different documents in a ServiceNow instance. Then click the Tagged Documents button on the Edge to access the Tagged Documents page and view these documents all in one place, as shown in the following image:

  • Form pane tabs: Use tabs to view multiple forms in the form pane when using the split screen feature.

    • Search list columns: Search within individual columns in a list. Click the search icon beside the column heading to enable search fields at the top of each column.

    • Stationary column headings: Column headings remain at the top of a list and do not scroll with the list content.

    • Form headers: The current record number appears in the form header. 

    • Updated icons and buttons: Changes to existing icons and the addition of several new icons give the new interface an updated look.

    • Gear icon: Some of the icons and fields previously displayed in the banner frame now appear under the gear icon in a drop-down list.


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