Help The Help Desk Login Script pointing to the wrong instance | Solution


When using Help The Help Desk, the configuration items are not being updated on the instance.

Further investigation shows that the Help The Help Desk Login script has the wrong instance name in the following section of code:

// The variable should point to your instance URL, such as 
var server = "";



The value of the system property glide.servlet.uri is the most likely cause of this issue. The property may be set at an incorrect value after a clone operation onto the target instance.



The instance name in the Help The Help Desk Login script is dynamically generated on the instance from the system property glide.servlet.uri.

Review the value of this property and set the value accordingly:

  1. In the Application Navigator search box, enter sys_properties.list.
  2. Locate the glide.servlet.uri property.
  3. Change the value to the correct instance name. For example,
Note: Setting this property may affect the behavior of other applications and services.



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