Troubleshooting wrongly imported table metadata



If you are experiencing wrongly imported table metadata in a CI, review the steps to import records as XML data to ensure that the import was correctly set up. For more information, see Exporting and Importing XML Files in the ServiceNow product documentation. 


If the data does not import or the wrong table metadata is imported: 

  • Navigate to System Definition > Tables & Columns and verify that the table from which the data was exported also exists in the instance that is importing the data. If the table does not exist in that instance, you can move it using an update set.
  • If exported XML data contains a sys_id that already exists in the table on which you are performing the XML import, it simply updates the existing record.
  • If exported XML data contains column tags that actually do not exist as a column entry in the table on which you are performing the XML import, then the corresponding column data will not be imported. 
  • Once these issues have been resolved, begin the process of importing again. For more information, see Exporting and Importing XML Files in the ServiceNow product documentation. 

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Last Updated:2016-09-20 11:37:57