Determine if the sys_class_name on a CI was modified



If you have duplicate or corrupted CIs, it may be caused by the sys_class_name on the CI being modified. 


To determine if the sys_class_name on a CI was modified:

  1. Determine what system class a CI belongs to. Go to your personalized list view and add the Class field in the list view. The Class field displays what system class (sys_class_name) the record belongs to. 
  2. Ensure that you have auditing enabled on the associated table. For more information, see Enable auditing for a table in the ServiceNow product documentation.
  3. You can now look at the change history for the Class, as shown in the following image. For more information, see Viewing change history in the ServiceNow product documentation.  


If the sys_class_name of a CI was wrongly changed, then you can still reset the Class on CI to the correct desired class. To do this:

  1. Go to the specific CI in list view, and double-click on the Class field. This shows you a choice list of various system classes.
  2. Select the desired class and click Save.


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