There are several ways to create an IA (Incident Alert) ticket, this PRB focuses on utilizing the 'Related Link' on an existing INT (Incident) to create an IA. Once this link is selected, a new IA ticket is created successfully, however the link still mentions 'Create new incident alert' when you navigate back to the original INT. Clicking the link again will navigate you to the recently created IA. The wording here is a bit misleading, and it might be beneficial to update to 'Navigate to existing IA'.

Another remedy here would be to remove the 'Related Link' entirely after use, and populate the IA # on a new field, on the 'Related Records' form section. This would help condense things, as this form section helps tie other tickets to the existing INT. This form section currently holds fields for: Problem, Change Request, Caused by Change.

Please let me know if I can provide additional information on this PRB.

Thank you,
Brad P

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Related Problem: PRB594584

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