Email sent to your ServiceNow instance is processed by each of your Inbound Actions, but only if the conditions you have specified apply to the email. Depending on your Inbound Action configuration, it is possible an email will be skipped by all inbound actions and remain ignored in your Inbox in the Ready instead of the Processed state.

There are multiple conditions as well as configurable properties that determine whether an Inbound Email Action will ignore an email. For example you might configure your inbound action to match only emails classified as a reply to the Case table.

For details on configuring your inbound action's conditions, see Inbound Email Actions.



Email is not processed by any inbound action and remains in the Ready state in the Inbox.



Each Inbound Email Action logs whether it skipped a particular email and why. For instance, you might have an Inbound Email Action named Update Change that matches on emails classified as reply.  When your action gets a chance to process an email classified as new, it logs an entry such as:

Skipping 'Update Change', email is type 'new', which does not match Inbound Email Action's type 'reply'

View the logged entries for the email by opening the email record from the email log. The Default view does not include the related log records, so you may need to first change the form view to Inbox.

  1. Right-click the email record header to show the context menu.
  2. Select View.
  3. Select Inbox.
Review the related log entries on the form to see why an email was skipped. (Beginning with the newest release, there is also a log entry describing whether the email was classified as New, Reply, or Forward. For emails classified as a reply, the log entry includes the reason why it was matched as a reply.)

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