Stage for Request Cancelled has no display value once a particular request is rejected. When you navigate to the email preview, the stage is blank instead of "Stage: Request Cancelled".

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to the demo instance.
  2. In the navigation filter, enter Service Catalog.
  3. Order a sales laptop by using the Order Now button.
  4. Copy the request's record number and open that particular request form.
  5. From the request form, reject the approval. This should make the requested item close as stage of Request Cancelled and a state of Closed Complete.
  6. In the navigation filter, enter Mail and then click Outbox.
  7. Take the filter off the Outbox table. When you see all the outgoing emails, sort the Created field from z to a the latest date first. If the Create field is not available, add it from the slushbucket.
  8. Look under recipients for your name (or the person you are impersonating) with a subject line similar to:  "Your request REQ0010006 has been completed."
  9. Open that email record.
  10. Scroll down and click HTML Preview.
  11. From the pop-up page, notice the requested items give you the requested item number from your test and the actual item ordered. When you look at the stage for that requested item, this part of the HTML preview is blank instead of Stage: Closed Incomplete.


When using a choice list, gr.stage.getChoiceValue() should be used instead of gr.stage.getDisplayValue(). The default email template for request.general should be changed to include this logic.

Related Problem: PRB592470

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Calgary Patch 2

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