Determining what state a clone is in


  • Clone is not complete
  • Data consistency issues in a clone
  • Clone is still showing as active

A clone may be stuck in a specific state in the cloning process. To determine what state the clone is in:
  1. Type Clone into the navigation filter.
  2. Click Clone History.
  3. Sort Created Z to A and locate the last clone requested.
  4. Open the record and review the State field.
The clone states are:
  • Requested: The clone has been requested but not scheduled. There may be another clone that needs to complete before this clone begins or you are attempting to clone over a production instance and it is during core hours.

  • Scheduled: The clone is scheduled and will start at the scheduled time.

  • Active: The clone is started and is currently running.

  • Completed: The clone has completed.

  • Error: There was an error in the clone. 

  • Canceled: A user canceled the clone request.

  • Hold: The server (datacenter) rejected the clone.

  • Rollback: The clone was rolled back.


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