As part of the JDBC or LDAP import process, remote GlideRecord queries are performed against the glide instance to pull back data from sys_data_source, ldap_ou_config, and ldap_server_config. This is a one shot attempt and could be interrupted by a socket error. In such cases, instead of retrying, the process fails and the following error reports back on the instance: "Blank column headers were found".

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We were not able to reproduce locally, but we have several reports of this. When this issue occurs, the MID server agent log shows the following:

01/23/14 01:30:25 (880) Probe: JDBCProbe:3a95a505b5012000dbea41d88523bdc1 Worker starting: JDBCProbe source: 3a95a505b5012000dbea41d88523bdc1
01/23/14 01:30:25 (880) Probe: JDBCProbe:3e5fc4ba4d20010025bc8ab8779226ca WARNING *** WARNING *** Socket error
01/23/14 01:30:25 (880) Probe: JDBCProbe:3e5fc4ba4d20010025bc8ab8779226ca SEVERE *** ERROR *** getRecords failed (Socket error)
01/23/14 01:30:25 (880) Probe: JDBCProbe:3e5fc4ba4d20010025bc8ab8779226ca DEBUG: Data source not found3e5fc4ba4d20010025bc8ab8779226ca



The issue is that the MID server is not able to perform a query to the instance. Install the MID in a less noisy location.

Related Problem: PRB594534

Seen In

Berlin Patch 10
Berlin Patch 8 Hot Fix 1
Calgary Patch 3 Hot Fix 1
Dublin EA 1
Dublin EA 5
Dublin EA 6
Eureka Patch 7
Geneva Patch 4

Fixed In

Calgary Patch 4 Hot Fix 1
Calgary Patch 5
Dublin EA 9

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