Checking which records will be captured within an Update Set 


For an update to be captured within sys_update_xml and thus be captured with an Update Set, the corresponding table must have the update_synch=true attribute. 



To locate which tables have this attribute in a fresh instance:

  1. Navigate to the sys_dictionary.
  2. Personalize the list to include the Attributes column.
  3. Filter on Attributes is update_synch=true. 

This will reveal approximately 300 tables, depending on the platform version, which have the update_synch=true attribute. If the table is not listed for the update that you or the customer is trying to capture, then the update will not be properly recorded within sys_update_xml or subsequently within the intended Update Set. 


Note: ServiceNow does not recommended that you add the update_synch=true attribute to any table that does not have it OOB. Doing so can cause false updates to inundate the sys_update_xml table and in time will result in the inability to install plugins, commit Update Sets, and will cause unintended performance degradation issues. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:32:33