In Internet Explorer, when Security is set to High, Copy URL and Copy Sys ID are failing silently, even when the current instance is configured as a Trusted site, and Allow Programmatic clipboard access is Enabled.


Steps to Reproduce

- Open an instance using IE9
- Tools > Internet Options
- Click on the Security tab.
- Select the "Internet" Zone, and set the level to High
- Select the "Trusted sites" zone, and press the Sites button.
- Add your current site to the list of Trusted sites
- Click on Custom level... button
- Ensure that the "Allow Programmatic clipboard" preference is set to Prompt or Enable.
- Press Apply, then OK
- Restart IE9
- Access your test instance again
- Navigate to Incident > Open
- Select any record
- Right click on the header and Copy URL
- If you attempt to Paste, the URL will not be pasted.


This is expected behaviour. High security mode is not supported.


Related Problem: PRB595257

Seen In

Berlin Patch 8 Hot Fix 1
Calgary Patch 2 Hot Fix 5

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