Clicking through reference icons in the Problem > Approval form in IE8 and IE9 does not navigate to reference documents as expected.

The issue was reproduced in the following builds:

(1) Aspen patch 2 (customer instance: aps)
Build date: 01-16-2012_1438

(2) Build name: Berlin (oob demo demo05)
Build date: 07-18-2012_1833

Steps to Reproduce

1) Go to Problem > Open and open a PRB.
2) If the Approvers related list is not on the form in the base system, then click Personalize Form layout and add it to the form.
3) If there are no Approvers in the list, then edit one or two approvers.  
4) Navigate to one of the Approval records.
5) Point to the reference icon for the Approver or the Approval for field. The reference popup appears, so the reference records do exist.
5) Click on the reference icon for the Approver or the Approval for field. Note that it does not navigate to the reference records.

There are errors on the browser debugger:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to set value of the property 'value': object is null or undefined
js_includes.jsx?v=07-18-2012_1833&lp=Tue_Sep_25_06_00_32_PDT_2012&c=2_36, line 9913 character 1

It doesn't happen on Chrome.



This issue does not occur in Chrome. Recommend using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. 

Related Problem: PRB576952

Seen In

Aspen Patch 2

Fixed In


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