Service Catalog Data lookup broken when catalog item includes a reference variable:
catalog_ui_data_lookup.xml is source code throwing the following error in the logs:

org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: Cannot convert null to an object.Caused by error in <refname> at line 11

8: if (table == "sc_task")
9: gr.addQuery('request_item', current.request_item);
10: else // sc_req_item
==> 11: gr.addQuery('request_item', current.sys_id);
12: gr.addQuery('sc_item_option.item_option_new', s); // question sys_id
13: gr.query()
14: if (!gr.next())

Steps to Reproduce

No steps to reproduce available at this time. 


The attached file "" can be imported and will create a new UI macro called "catalog_ui_data_lookup".

This will provide a fix by overriding the out-of-the-box template but should be removed when the customer upgrades to a version that includes the fix.

Related Problem: PRB591452

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Calgary Patch 2 Hot Fix 5

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