If a filter condition on a list results in a very long URL, opening a record in the filtered list results in a Page not found message or a blank page. The error 400 – Bad Request can also occur, as the HTTP request header is beyond the default max size  of 4 Kb (4096b).


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an instance using Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge Management.
  3. Click Unassigned.
  4. Select and open a record from the list (note the record number). 
    A page appears that reads Page cannot be displayed
  5. Navigate to Knowledge Management > All.
  6. Locate the record from step 4 in the list.
  7. Open the record to see record details.


The example URL below uses several filter conditions. When shortening the filters by removing for example 30 locations, running it again renders the result properly. You can also remove the date range filter, and it will render properly.'2011-07-01'%2C'00:00:00')%40javascript:gs.dateGenerate('2013-03-31'%2C'23:59:59')&sysparm_view=
























This problem was fixed in Kingston. On older versions there are several possible workarounds:

  • ACLs or filters can be used to limit the records seen on a list view. For more information, see Using Access Control Rules and Filters and Breadcrumbs.

  • Query arguments can be included in the definition of the application menu. For more information, see Application Navigator.

  • With the Tiny URL Support plugin activated, configuring the system properties glide.use_tiny_urls and glide.tiny_url_min_length causes applications to use the sysparm_tiny parameter and create tiny URLs where possible. This is not yet applicable to related lists. For more information, see Enable Tiny URL Support.

  • Remove the __CJ_tabs2_section_* cookies in Firefox or Chrome Browser (the Tiny URL feature works correctly with Internet Explorer).

  • The filter limit check functionality can be turned on or off using the system property glide.list.filter_max_length. This fix would only prevent the user from creating a new filter with a long URL because the newly introduced property would check the char count. As a fix to this problem, added a filter limit check, which will check the filter size when a user adds more filters by clicking an AND or OR condition icon in the filter widgets. Also, the filter limit check is done when a user clicks an ADD/OR condition icon in the filter widgets. The same condition check has to be done when the filter Run is processed.


Related Problem: PRB582333

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