- This UI Action/script include is designed to find a list of groups which have scrum roles, and present the list of groups in a pop-up.
- When you select the group, the members of the group are added to the Sprint Team Members related list.
- This code executes client-side queries against the sys_user_role and sys_group_has_role tables.
- Based on results of the sys_group_has_role query, the code then executes a large number of queries against the sys_user_role_contains table.
- On Chrome, the result is that it appears the client has frozen, until the pop-up to select the group appears.
- On Firefox, you get an initial pop-up while it does the query, then you get an error message pop-up about the inefficient query, and you must select Continue if you want the query to complete and the pop-up to select the group to appear.
- This does not seem to require a lot of data; the attached sys_group_has_role XML file contains 152 records; out-of-box, it is slow, and it only contains 20 or so records.

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On Chrome, it is just slow, but it will eventually return; no work-around is necessary.

On Firefox, when you get the unresponsive script pop-up, you must click Continue if you want the script to complete and to use the functionality.

If you are experiencing this issue, you might want to consider disabling the underlying UI Action for the related link, and only use the Sprint Team Members related list to add sprint members.

Related Problem: PRB592139

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Calgary Patch 2 Hot Fix 5
Dublin EA 8
Dublin Patch 1
Dublin Patch 3

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