We have several incident tickets in production that contain special characters (< and &) in the Long Description field of Incident form. When these incidents are created they should pass across the ebond to Verizon, however, they do not.

We have looked at the incidents that haven't been bonded and they all contain '<' or '&' symbol in the Long description field. In the logs, this field is not being parsed correctly and it results in the attached error. All other special characters are being parsed correctly, for example: > ' " .

It is caused in the function below when the SOAP message is sent to Verizon:
a. Script Include: SOAP Message
b. Function: stripWhiteSpace

The error is as follows:
org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: Cannot convert null to an object.
Caused by error in Script Include: 'SOAPMessage' at line 103

Steps to Reproduce

Create  an incident that contains special characters (such as < or &) in the Long Description field of the Incident form. Note that the special characters should pass across the ebond to Verizon, but they do not.  


This issue has been fixed.

Related Problem: PRB565512

Seen In

Dublin Patch 1

Fixed In

Berlin Patch 15
Calgary Patch 4

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