When impersonating a user and articles are domain or company-separated, the Knowledge Base home page does not display the correct topics.

If a customer is using the Company Separation or Domain Support - MSP Extensions plugin to separate Knowledge Base articles, there may be issues with the display of the correct topics when impersonating a user and then switching back as the logged in user. Specifically, the logged in user will only see the articles within the topics available for the user they were previously impersonating. The images below show an example of what customers may be experiencing when separating articles by domain or company:

While impersonating user Beth Anglin, only one article is shown due to her domain/company restrictions. This is correct:

Knowledge Home - Beth Anglin

When switching back to the logged in user (System Administrator), the logged in user will only see articles in topics that were available to the user they perviously impersonated (Beth Anglin). This is incorrect:

Knowledge Home - Admin

In fact, the correct display of the Knowledge homepage for the admin user should look as shown below:

Knowledge Home - Admin


This issue occurs when a business rule called Flush Topic and Role Cache on the kb_knowledge table is triggerd. After the knowledge topics cache has been flushed and the Knowledge homepage is visited for the first time, the knowledge topics are cached again. In the example above, only the knowledge topics available to the user being impersonated are cached. When a customer stops impersonating another user and switches back to the logged in user, only the articles for the topics that are in cache are displayed in the knowledge homepage. Topics are cached to improve performance in rendering of the Knowledge homepage for customers with many Knowledge Base articles.


Set the glide.knowman.show_only_populated system property to false:

  1. Login as a System Administrator.
  2. In the navigation filter type sys_properties.list.
  3. Look for the property called glide.knowman.show_only_populated.
  4. Set the glide.knowman.show_only_populated property value to false.


Related Problem: PRB577230

Seen In

Aspen Patch 11 Hot Fix 3
Aspen Patch 2 Hot Fix 5
Berlin Hot Fix 4
Berlin Patch 8
Calgary Patch 4

Fixed In

Calgary Patch 3
Dublin EA 0

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