The fields that are displaying in the 'Available' slushbucket are different when the Form View is changed using the "Form view and section."

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an instance as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Change > Open.
  3. Click on a change request.
  4. Ensure that you are in Default View.
  5. Navigate to Personalize > Form Layout. 
    In a base system instance, Priority appears in the Selected slushbucket in the default view. (Pick a field that does not exist in the Selected slushbucket in the approval view.)
  6. Navigate to Form view and section.
  7. In View Name, click the dropdown and select Approval.
  8. In the Available slushbucket, look for Priority.
    It is not listed, but it does exist and is available when you look for it in a different way.
  9. Go back to Change > Open.
  10. Click on a change request.
  11. Change the view to Approval view.
  12. Click Persoanlize > Form Layout.
  13. In the Available slushbucket, look for Priority.
    Priority is listed.
  14. Change the View name to Default.
  15. Switch back to Approval.
    Priority is no longer listed in the Available slushbucket.


The Available slushbucket can be misleading when selecting a different view and can hide available fields when scrolled.

The expected fields are there, but they are scrolled and not visible The fields are available when scrolling down the list.

Use the mouse to scroll up, or click on the list and use the Up arrow key, to make a selection at the top of the list.

Related Problem: PRB579535

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Berlin Patch 2 Hot Fix 2

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