A scheduled upgrade is requested at a certain time, however, after the time passed, the upgrade has still not started.



Scheduled upgrades have two scheduled jobs that must both run before the upgrade will start. There is a scheduled job on that changes the Assigned War file field for the instance in HI. This job always happens at exactly the time when the customer has requested the upgrade to occur. However, the upgrade will not actually start until the Upgrade scheduled job that runs on the customer's instance has executed.

This part may cause confusion. The Upgrade job on the customer's instance only runs once every hour. This means, even though the scheduled job on HI will run exactly when the user scheduled their upgrade to begin there is a potential delay of up to 59 minutes before the upgrade will actually start.



There is a potential one-hour delay before the scheduled upgrade actually begins, due to back up and sync jobs on the relevant datacenter. To avoid waiting for the upgrade job to run during its normal hourly scheduled operation, you can change the scheduled job through the instance interface.

To change the next run time of the Upgrade scheduled job on your instance:

  1. Log into your instance as an admin user.
  2. Navigate to System Scheduler > Today's Scheduled Jobs.
  3. Search for and open the job named Upgrade.
  4. Modify the Next action time to the exact time you want the scheduled job to run next.
  5. Click Update.
  6. After the time set in step 4 has passed, verify if the upgrade has actually begun. This can be done using the Upgrade Monitor tool.

For additional information, refer to Upgrade Monitor in the ServiceNow product documentation.


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