Export Limits | Beyond the 50K


The product documentation contains information about exporting data and its limits. Each processor (CSV, XML, etc) has its own lower and upper limit with the maximum being 50,000 records.

The purpose of this article is to explain a method of increasing this limit for each processor, if required.

Important: The functionality described below should be treated and used carefully to avoid creating performance issues when a table is excessively large.



Detailed Explanation

In order to increase this limit, you need to create/modify a number of system properties.


This is limited by the system property named glide.ui.export.limit.


This is limited by the system property named com.glide.processors.XMLProcessor.max_record_count.

Following are some additional system properties that are useful to understand if they are not specified in the URL:

  • specifies if response is streamed if no sysparm_stream (default is true)
  • com.glide.processors.XMLProcessor.record_count: number of records returned if no sysparm_record_count (default is 10000)
  • com.glide.processors.XMLProcessor.max_record_count: maximum number of records that can be requested with sysparm_record_count (default is 50000)


This is imited by the system property glide.excel.max_cells.


Gotchas or Things to Remember

ServiceNow provides these limits for a reason, so again, be careful.

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