Verifying the notification is set to notify the event creator


By default, notifications do not notify the event creator. For example, if the ITIL User adds a comment to an incident, the ITIL User does not receive a notification about the new comment. If a specific user is not receiving specific notifications it may be because the user is the event creator and the notification is not configured for this option.





  1. Login to the instance.
  2. Determine the intended recipients of the notification. For example, the incident commented notification notifies the incident caller.
  3. If the intended recipient is the same user who triggered the event, verify the Send to event creator field is selected. (In Berlin and later releases, this field is on the Advanced view.
  4. If necessary, select the checkbox for the Send to event creator field.
  5. If you change the notification record, click Update.


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Last Updated:2016-03-21 07:53:42