Verifying the recipient has an email address


ServiceNow does not send email when the intended recipient has no email address. If a particular user or group does not receive a notification, verify the user or group has an email address.





  1. Log in to the instance.
  2. Navigate to System Policy > Notifications.
  3. Select the notification you expected the recipient to receive. For example, the incident commented notification.
  4. Identify the users and groups who would normally receive the notification. For example, the incident commented notification notifies the incident caller.
  5. Determine which specific users or groups did not potentially trigger the notification. For example, determine the user who is the incident caller.
  6. Navigate to User Administration > Users.
  7. Select the user record for the intended recipient.
  8. Verify there is an address in the Email field.
  9. If you change the user record, click Update.


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Last Updated:2015-02-24 10:38:05