Verifying a user's notification preferences


Each user can specify, from their profile record, if they want to receive email notifications. If a specific user does not receive email, verify that the user has not disabled email notifications.

Users may subscribe and unsubscribe from specific notifications per device (for example, email, sms, and push).


  1. Login to the instance.
  2. Navigate to User Administration > Users.
  3. Select the user record you want to troubleshoot from the list.
  4. Verify that the Notification field is set to Enable.
    • If set to Disabled, change the value and update the user record.
    • If notifications were already enabled, verify that there a matching notification device is active.
  5. From within the User page, under Related Links, click Notification Preferences.
    Each of the user's devices are listed here.
  6. Enable/Disable Notifications per device in this page.
    See chart blow for the effect of enabling/disabling notifications per device.
Notification enabling per device
While the Primary Email will get most notifications by default, all other devices need to be specifically enabled so that they will receive a notification.

 Primary EmailOther Devices
DisabledDon't SendDon't Send
Not ListedSendDon't Send


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