Field Normalization Demo Data in Calgary can stop fields being updated in CMDB | Workaround

Observed Behavior

Recently a customer reported that when they were attempting to modify values on the CMDB form for a Server, certain fields; notably Disk Space and RAM, would revert to a value of 1 when they saved the record.

This behavior was also observed if the customer attempted to change the values via List View.


If the RAM field contains a value of: 512MB, and the customer modified it to 1024MB, the value was saved as 1 when the record was saved.

This was happening to a number of fields that all resided on the cmdb_ci_computer table.

Calgary Field Normalization Demo Data

While investigating this issue, it was observed that the customer had recently activated the Field Normalization Plugin and had also loaded demo data.

The Field Normalization demo data in Calgary now has several more examples included over previous versions, and several of these examples reference fields on the cmdb_ci_computer table.

All of these examples are in Test mode by default when the demo data is loaded. They are essentially active, and this is what was found to be causing the issue.

Field Normalization records that are provided as examples in Calgary are:

Name: Table: Field:
Company Name Example core_company name
Computer Name Example cmdb_ci_computer name
CPU Type Example cmdb_ci_computer cpu_type
Disk Space Example cmdb_ci_computer disk_space
RAM MB Example cmdb_ci_computer ram
User Last Name Example sys_user last_name



Unless you are actively testing the behavior for Field Normalization against these fields, or have set the normalization that you require, the recommendation is to switch Mode to Off to de-activate the Field Normalization. This ensures that you can update the values stored within those fields normally.

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